Canadian International Military Tattoo

2015 ART CONTEST! Presented by

The Canadian International Military Tattoo Education Program 2015

Where: FirstOntario Centre, 101 York Blvd. Hamilton, ON
When: TBD

The Canadian International Military Tattoo aims to educate the next generation about the history and culture of the Canadian Military.  Music in the military has a long and fruitful history that is little known to younger generations. Our goal is to educate these young people.

We do this by hosting an Education day, where local schools and community youth groups are invited to come and view rehearsal performances by our international and out of town acts. Following the performance we invite the children and youth come down to the arena floor for a meet and greet with the performers. This provides them with the opportunity to see instruments, uniforms and costumes up close and allows the children time to ask questions.

A huge aspect of the Organization itself is that it is run by volunteers. Each year we have students from local Colleges come and join our team to help organize, run, and facilitate the event and Organization.  These students are provided with hands on work experience and education in their field of study to help them in the future.

This year we have introduced an Art Contest that will be promoted through The Hamilton Spectator that invites children ages 5 through 18 to submit their original works of art based on our 2015 show themes. We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag, the 100th Anniversary of John McRae’s WWI poem, “In Flanders Fields”, and a salute to the Canadian Medics.

To spread awareness of our event and educate youth at the same time, we have asked the question “What does the Canadian Military mean to you?” as the prompt for the Art Contest.  We have then provided the 3 themes for our show this year to encourage children and youth to research and learn about in order to help them create their art work.

Our goal is to continue to expand and grow the Education Program each year so that it reaches beyond our own community, opening up new and exciting learning opportunities to other communities as well.

Educational Aspects- Art Contest
Drawing for an audience and purpose
Following directions (does their art reflect one of the designated themes)
~ Analyzing information
~ Reading
~ Research
~ Educational Aspects – Education Day
~ History
~ Cultural awareness
~ Music (types of instruments, varying ranges and sound of instruments, singing, artistic showmanship)


Sarah Colantino, Executive Director

Education Program