All Other Shirts are $5!!!

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T-shirts available:

2014 Shirts are $10

2014 Sky Blue (Md, XXL)

2014 Light Blue (Sm, Md, Lrg, XL, XXL)

All shirts are $5

2013 Grey (XXL)

2012 Light Blue (Md, XL)

2012 Sandy (Md, XXXL)

2011 Dark Green (Md)

2009 Blue (Sm, Md)

2007 Black (Sm, Md)

2006 Dark Blue (Sm, Md)

2005 Green (Sm, Md)

2006 Dark Green                            Sizes avail.: Sm, Md

2009 Blue                                    Sizes avail.: Sm, Md

2012 Light Blue                            Sizes avail.: Md, XXL

2014 Light Blue                     Sizes avail.: Sml, Md,
                                                           Lrg, XL, XXL

  2014 are $10!!!

Shipping to be determined on package size and distance


Selling off our stock, sizes are limited and subject to change

 Canadian International Military Tattoo


       AT THIS TIME      

2007 Black                                    Sizes avail.: Sm, Md

2012 Sandy                                 Sizes avail.: Md, XXXL

2013 Grey                             Sizes avail.: XXL

2014 Sky Blue                            Sizes avail.: Md, XL

2006 Dark Blue                              Sizes avail.: Sm, Md

2011 Dark Green                                Sizes avail.: Md